The most important facts about me: I can’t make up my mind about what I like more. Minimalistic design or cooking vegan things. Maybe one day I’ll combine those two things and open a design cafe that only serves vegan yumminess. But until then, I’ll be writing about food that I made and why it is so god damn awesome.

I have yet to experience my very own bake sale, although my roommate already told me that he thinks I could make a ton of money off those hipster kids in Dalston.

London is my current home, and I love this city with all of my heart. I also like drooling dogs, re-watching Scrubs and playing my records through a really awkward sound set-up with my computer because I’d much rather save up that money for speakers and by myself a really powerful mixer. Or a juicer. Or both.

My other blog is about my photography and designy things I would like to have. Look at it here


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